Anyone requesting their orphanage records from Angel Guardian Orphanage, you can contact the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Their Website and contact information is listed below.  You will be sent an orphanage records release policy, to answer any questions on obtaining your records, and an orphanage records release form which must be filled out, signed, and notarized before they begin processing a request. 

Since the records are categorized  by departments, such as Student Records, Medical Records, Sacrament Records, etc.  it will take them a while to accumulate all the records.

Once they gather "all" the records that you requested, you will be notified of the total (charge per copy + postage).  Once your money is received  (Money Order or Cashier's Check) they will then mail your package with all the copies of the info that you requested.

General Information:

Name of the School:  Angel Guardian Orphanage
Address:  2001 W. Devon Ave.
   Chicago, IL  60659
Name when attended  - Maiden name, etc.
Order of Nuns:  Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ   (PHJC)
Years attended: ______________
Year of Graduation: ____________
Date of Birth: _________

For Sacramental Records...

Place and date of Sacrament: __________________
Name of Parents: ____________________________

If you are inquiring about someone other than yourself, like a deceased relative, then you must  show proof of relationship.

Here is a list of some of the items that may be in your folder:

  1 -  Achievement Test
  2 -  Admitting Records
  3 - Aptitude Tests
  4 - Copies of our Sacraments (if you did not receive your Sacraments at the "Home", they have the copies from  your Parish)
  5 - Copy of your Passbook that shows your Allowances during High School - (Several Pages) 
  6 - Court Papers
  7 - Demerit Records
  8 - Dental Records
  9 - Departments that you worked in each year with dates (High School)
10 - Discharge Papers
11 - Driver's Education class scores
12 - Family & History Records
13 - Medical Records (Vaccination's, etc. every time you were admitted to the Infirmary or Hospital)
14 - Mental Ability Tests
15 - Payments made to the Home for your stay, either from Social Security, etc.
16 - Profile Sheets?
17 - Release Papers
18- Report Cards
19 - Vistor's Sign-Out sheets for the "Entire" years that you were there; names & dates - (Several pages)          

Related Links: 
Archdiocese Of Chicago Archives & Records Center
711 W. Monroe
Chicago, IL 60661

Archives & Records Center        General Inquiries
Vice Chancellor:     (312) 534-4440            

To my knowledge Angel Guardian did not accept children under the age of 2 yrs.  if you think you were placed in another Home before A.G.O. you may want to check out St. Vincents Orphanage, now known as: "Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Chicago"!

Catholic Charities St. Vincent Center              
721 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL.              
Phone: (312) 655-7415        Catholic Charities General Information  Phone: (312) 655-7000

For Adoption Records, try: 
Adoption Search & Reunion:
Midwest Adoption Center:
I Was Adopted

For information regarding our Website or reunion,  contact:  
Mary Beth WileyMb_Wiley@yahoo,com
Sylvia Huante:

Your   A.G.O