Camp Villa Marie
Pistakee Bay,in McHenry, IL.
In the words of Mary Beth Wiley!!!

First---Warm up the Bluebird!!!
Make the last call for all Cottage Kids!!!
Then prepare for a Fun Trip!!!

Go Northbound on Route 12(Rand Rd.)
Thru Lake Zurich Route 22(HalfDay Rd.) a stoplight
Thru Route 176 (Liberty St) a stoplight
Thru Bonner Rd. a stoplight
Thru Volo Village Rd. a stoplight
Continue North thru Hartigan St. a stoplight
Next light is Big Hollow Rd. (Route 134)

Remember Big Hollow school house on the right?
Well make a left here...Now you are going West still on Big Hollow Rd.
After 1 mile or so the road changes to Bay Rd.
Continue until you cross a bridge (You'll see a sign that says--Welcome to Johnsburg) Once past the bridge make a right at Weingart Rd.
Then a right at Rolling Lane
Continue about a 1/2 mile
Make a final right at Private Drive.

You are now directly behind the bunkhouse on the top of the hill! Stop your knees from shaking and enjoy your visit!!! But remember it is now private property and you may have to ask permission to stroll around!!! Just that look from the top of the hill and the aroma of seaweed, will get your mind wandering enough for you to get up the nerve to ask though!!! Have Fun!!! Sing a song for us!!!