For those wishing to view the "100th Anniversary of Angel Guardian Orphanage."  Two of the Chicago Public Libraries have a copy - the main Library in Downtown Chicago,  "The Harold Washington Library Center" & "The Sulzer Regional Library"  on the North Side of Chicago.. 

400 S. State Street
Chcago, IL  60605
(312) 747-4300

Monday -Thursday, 9-9; Friday & Saturday, 9-5; Sunday, 1-5

4455 N. Lincoln Ave. 60625 
(312) 744-7616 
(773) 728-2062 (TTY) 
(312) 744-2899 (FAX) 
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Monday -Thursday, 9-9; Friday & Saturday, 9-5; Sunday, 1-5
City owned, free standing building on major thoroughfare situated north of the Lincoln-Montrose intersection facing Welles Park.  Parking available on Lincoln Avenue and to the rear of the library on Leavitt.

CTA Service: 
#78 Montrose CTA Bus 
#11 Lincoln Ave. CTA Bus 
#49 Western Ave. CTA Bus 
#50 Damen Ave. CTA Bus 
Brown Line  CTA Train -Western Stop 

Access: The Historical Room is open to anyone, but because of the rarity or fragility of materials in this department, patrons are asked to work with the special collections librarian. Please call (312) 744-7616 in advance of your visit. 

This book is kept in the Historical Room.  At the Harold Washington Library - 9th Fl. - -  At the Sulzer :Library - in the Mezzanine Level.  Because most materials in the Historical Room are rare, they are housed in closed stacks with environmental controls to aid in their preservation. They may only be used in the Historical Room. You have to make an appointment to look through it and you will have to wear gloves to protect it. If you would like copies of any page, let them know and they will tag the pages and make copies (on paper) for you when you are done. 

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"100   Anniversary of 
Angel Guardian Orphanage"
ADMINISTER:  Marybeth Wiley (class of '72)
CO-ADMINISTER:  Sylvia Huante (class of '67)