Website History

There are 3 entities in our Website, in order of their existance ....

1. The Message Board
2. Photosite
3. The Website


The first "Message Board began back about 1998-1999 by another former, Karl Finan
(class of 1972). He also had a website which included photo's. After the 2004 Reunion,
Karl decided to give up the Message Board. At that time another former, Joe Pasquale, picked up where Karl left off.  After a few months, due to illness, I partnered up with Joe. 
In 2005 I officially took possession of the "Message Board"

2 - PHOTOSITE    (unfortunately, our photosite is down for now)

In 2005, before I inherited the "message board", I began the photosite, with pictures of our 2005 picnic. I then added pictures from our past reunions, and our photosite began to grow.

Photo Contributors:
      1 - Archdiocese of Chicago
Mary Beth Wiley (class of '72) made a trip down to the Archdiocese of Chicago and purchased many pictures from the archives, she was kind enough to pass them on, to add to our photosite.
      2 - PHJC Archives - Stored at the University of Notre Dame
Mary Beth Wiley, Lily Garcia (class of '66), and myself made arrangements with the                Archive Librarian to take a trip down to Notre Dame. We were able to have copies made         of "every photo" they had of AGO. - Since they have so many archives, it's a big project           to transfer everything they have onto Microfiche / Microfilm, etc. so copies had to be               made from the originals

      3 - A.G.O. Alumni
Alumni submitted Year Books and personal photo's they had saved from their time at AGO.

        4 - PHJC Nuns
Sr. Lucy, Sr. Carol & Sr. Edwards personal collections.


In 2006, I wanted a little more than a message board and photo's, so with the help of another former, Donna Hunt's expertise, she helped me create the "Angel Guardian Alumni Website". After I got comfortable with familiarizing myself with the tools of the website, Donna went back to her own projects. She is responsible for the Birthday links and designing the Memorial Quilt.  This list began with about 70 “kids” names that had been listed in a pamplet that was given to us during our first A.G.O. Reunion that the PHJC Nuns hosted for us back in 1999.   As you can see, we have since added many more pages to the quilt. If you know of anyone who should be on the Quilt, please notify us.

I have attached  the Message Board and the Photosite links to the Website.  All of the other links of interest were created through this "website".

With the help of Don Fitzgerald (class of '64) as my Co-administrator, I am able to take a breather once in a while!

Please make yourself at HOME and take the time to stroll through the  "Halls of A.G.O"

Sylvia Huante  (Class of '67)
Don Fitzgerald (Class of '64)

Reunion Contact:
Mary Beth Wiley  (Class of '72)