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This website is dedicated to all of us, who had the memorable experience, of being at  Angel Guardian Orphanage for any length of time, in any era.

The Orphanage was located at 2001 W. Devon Avenue, in the Rogers Park area of Chicago. Angel Guardian Orphanage was founded in 1865 by five German Catholic parishes to help preserve the German cultural heritage.  A.G.O. has a long and consistent history in serving Chicago's neediest families and their children, under the auspices of the German Catholic Society (1800-1900's) through the Catholic Charities of Chicago (1900's). 

It ceased to be an institution for dependent children in 1974. During those years, many children received opportunities that they may not have otherwise enjoyed, were it not for Angel Guardian Orphanage.

This website was established, as means by which A.G.O. Alumni could communicate with each other.  Where old friends and acquaintances could rehash experiences and episodes from our
shared experiences at A.G.O.  It serves as a social club, a newspaper, a fortifier and many more positive  contributions.  It is where we can enjoy each others company, commiserate with each other and  share our lives with each other.  We hope that anyone, whether you were in A.G.O.
for one day or ten years, will join us in this conversation about life at A.G.O. and afterwards.

Our invitation is extended to any child, relative or friend of an A.G.O. Alumni.  We have plenty
to share too.  We a great collection of pictures, in the way of yearbooks, class pictures and personal donations.  All of these elements, come together to foster an atmosphere of comradery that we once knew while in A.G.O. and which made a difficult situation a little easier. 

Our website's message board, "A.G.O. Hangout" is one of the places where we communicate,
visit and inform each other about our lives, our problems, our interests and our general thoughts. We ask those who use the Board to follow the general rules of civility and common sense. Profanity, commercialism, soliciting, politicking, we hope, will all be kept at a minimum, if not avoided altogether. We can advise any solicitors, who happen onto our website,  as to where they may find relief or a helping hand.

The primary purpose, for our website, is to sustain our community of A.G.O. Alunmi, our families and our friends and keep alive the spirit that was borne from within the campus of A.G.O.  Never to forget the memory of our friends, our life-long friendships and attitudes.  We hope to see more former A.G.O. Alumni contacting and posting on our message board and enjoying the features of our website, from the many photo albums to advice on how to gain a loved ones records while at A.G.O.  Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction. We hope it is of some help to you.

If this is the first time you're visiting our website, please sign our Guest Book.  We announce a "Roll Call" every so often, so please check our "Message Board" periodically to find out when we hold our next "Roll Calls."  We would really love to hear from you!

Sylvia Huante  (Class of '67)
Don Fitzgerald (Class of '64)

Reunion Contact:
Mary Beth Wiley  (Class of '72)
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Today, most of the cottages are gone, Misericordia Heart of Mercy occupies the old A.G.O. grounds.  Misericordia cares for children and adults with mild to profound developmental disabilities.  If you would like to take a tour of what is left of A.G.O., Misericordia has always been very accommodating when it comes to allowing formers to visit.  History of Misericordia

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